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NMTME -2019: International Scientific Conference «New Materials and Technologies in Mechanical Engineering»

NMTME -2019:  International Scientific Conference «New Materials and Technologies in Mechanical Engineering»
Начало 12 Марта 2019
Конец 15 Марта 2019
Санкт-Петербург, ул. Политехническая, 29

Selected papers will be published in: Key Engineering Materials.
Conference papers are indexed in SCOPUS.


1. Tribological Materials science, design and computer modeling of machine parts and mechanisms

2. Application of X-ray Microtomography for the development of new materials

3. Structural Materials and Materials Engineering

4. The technology of composite and powder materials

5. The technology of materials and products of microsystem technology

6. Metallurgical and foundry technologies

7. Welding and laser technology

8. Thermal and plastic processing of materials

9. Additive technologies in mechanical engineering

10. Oxide, chalcogenide, and other amorphous materials with special properties

Submission deadline

The manuscript (6 -8 pages) should be sent until January 25, 2019.

The organizing committees first review all submissions to the NMTME 2019 until March 2, 2019.

Participation in the conference is free of charge.


Origin, Motivation and Contribution

Please note that papers must be original research manuscripts, never published before, and not under consideration for publication in any other conference proceeding (journal etc.). All papers are supposed to present novel research results of international interest. All papers should be in the range of 6 -8 pages. The references to related work must be appropriate. The list of references should include at least 10 sources. Papers need to be related to the main topic of the conference and conference's topic fields. We publish papers written in good English only.


If a paper contains figures or tables taken from other sources, the author must get the respective permission for reproduction them from the corresponding publishers.


The corresponding author is the person chosen within the group to be responsible for all contact and correspondence with the periodical. The corresponding author should ensure that all appropriate co-authors (and no one inappropriate co-authors) are included on the paper, and that all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the paper and have agreed to its submission for publication.


How to prepare DOC files for upload and upload the paper. The conference language and the paper language is English. Be sure that all text elements, formulas, tables, signs and inscriptions in figures are in English. The Greek alphabet is valid in formulas. Please prepare manuscript's DOC (or DOCX) file. Be sure that your paper in MS Word is in strict accordance to the guide for authors.


Sokolov Ivan A. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Dr. Chem.Sc.

Semencha, Alexander V. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Cand.Chem.Sc./PhD

Tolochko Oleg V. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dr.Tech.Sc.

Blinov, Lev N. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dr.Chem.Sc.

Parshin, Sergey G. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dr.Tech.Sc.

Aleksandrov, Sergey E. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dr.Chem.Sc.

Kondrat'ev, SergeyYu. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dr.Tech.Sc.

PopovichAnatolii A. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dr.Tech.Sc.

Tsemenko, Valeriy N. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dr.Tech.Sc.

Radkevich, Michael M. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Dr.Tech.Sc..

Puguang Ji, PhD, Hebei University of Technology (China) PhD

Lee Dong-Won Korea institute of material science (KIMS) Principal Researcher (South Korea)

Popovich Vera, Associate Prof. Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)

Paul Kah, Associate Prof. Lappeenranta University of Technology Laboratory of Welding Technology (Finland)

Alekberov, Ragim, Associate Prof. Leading Researcher Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (The Republic of Azerbaijan), PhD

Savich Vadim,V., Associate Prof., First Deputy Director. State Scientific Institution "Institute of Powder Metallurgy" (The Republic of Belarus), Cand.Chem.Sc./PhD

Maria Averyanova, business development manager ENERGY, Add Up Solutions


The conference will be held in the main building of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.
Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad) is the second largest city in Russian Federation, politically incorporated as a federal subject of Russian Federation. It is located on the banks of the Neva River at the coast of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea.

For the conference participants it is recommended to book hotels in the city center near the red metro line (the distance from the city center is about 20 minutes by metro to the venue)

Принятые работы:

Numerical Simulation of Hot High Strain Rate Torsion Tests for Al-Based Alloys Anton Naumov
Formation of New Glass-Ceramic Materials with Controllable Dielectric and Magnetic Properties Zoya Tyurnina
Comparative Tribological Testing of Diamond-Containing Inserts of Bearings of Main Shaft of Rotary Steerable Systems Boris Aleksandrovich SHEMYAKINSKIY
Studies of Tribological and Corrosion Properties of Coatings Based on Iron for Light Alloy Drill Pipes of Aluminim Alloys Boris Aleksandrovich SHEMYAKINSKIY
Manifestation of Сoncentration Quenching of Fluoroaluminate Glasses Doped with Erbium Victor Klinkov
Effective diagnostics of Internal defects of diamonds in the near infrared range on the basis of immersion medium made from low-melting chalcogenide glass Aleksander Semencha
Synthesis and Study of Nanocrystalline Mg2SiO4 Powder and Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Aleksander Semencha
The Strength of the Hull on a High Longitudinal Wave Vladimir A. Suvorov
Effect of High Energy Ball Milling Washing Process on Properties of Nd2Fe14B Particles Obtained by Reduction-Diffusion Dongsoo Kim
Modification of Nitrogen-Containing High-Chromium Steels by Nanosized Lanthanum Hexaboride Sergey Vladimirovich Ryaboshuk
Investigation of Cracked Rotor Analytically and Numerically Salam Ahmed Abed
Correlation of Nonuniformities of the Seebeck Coefficient’s Distribution and the Strain-Stress State in Extruded Thermoelectric Material Arseniy Rulimov
Three-dimensional Vibrations of Wind Turbines Ekaterina Andriushchenko
Structural Features and the Effect of Two Alkalis in Chalcogenide and Phosphate Glasses Viktor A. Markov
Improving the Properties of Aluminum Alloy System Al-Cu-Mg, Subjected to Hardening and Severe Plastic Deformation Olga V. Paitova
Homogenization of Cr-Ni austenitic steel studying: liquation and microhardness heterogeneity equalization Anton Sergeevich Tsvetkov
Research of the Causes of the Defect "sliver" on the Inner Surface of the Steel Pipe Strength Category Х70 Sergey Vladimirovich Ryaboshuk
Study of Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Zirconia in Fe2O3 Matrix by Kissinger Method Elizaveta Bobrynina
Phase and Structural Transformations in Heat Resistant Alloys during Direct Laser Deposition Nadine Buczak
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Powder Steel 16Cr - 2Ni - Mn - Mo Obtained by Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering T.Y. Makhmutov
Strain And Friction Effect On The Stress-Strain State In The Deformation Zone During Cold Rolling Of Thin Beryllium And Aluminum Foils Vasiliy V. Mishin
The Use of the TMA as stabilizing reagent for the Li-O system obtained by atomic layer deposition Maxim Yu. Maximov
Agricultural By-Products as Advanced Raw Materials for Obtaining Modifiers and Fillers for Epoxy Materials Ildar Musin
Laser Cladding of Heat-Resistant Iron Based Alloy Dmitriy MASAYLO
Synthesis of the In Situ Nb-Si Composites by Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing Technology I.S. Goncharov
Registration of an ICP Plasma CV Dependences under Various Pressures in the Plasma-Chemical Deep Etching System Gleb A. Iankevich
Joining of Titanium and its Alloys with Aluminum Alloys by Friction Stir Welding Radmir Rzaev
The Effect of Laser Power on the Microstructure of the Nb-Si Based In Situ Composite, Fabricated by Laser Metal Deposition Aleksei Orlov
Effect of Selective Laser Melting Processing Parameters and Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Properties of Titanium Alloys Produced from Elemental Powders Igor Polozov
Comparison of Supermacroporous Polyester Matrices Fabricated by Thermally Induced Phase Separation and 3D Printing Techniques Evgenia Korzhikova-Vlakh
Effect of the Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering on Microstructure, Phase Composition and Chemical Elements Distribution of Nb-Si Based Composite I.S. Goncharov
Investigation of Aluminum Composite Produced by Laser-Assisted Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Dmitriy MASAYLO
Effect of Process Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Direct Laser Deposited Cold-Resistant Steel 09CrNi2MoCu for Arctic Application R.V. Mendagaliev
Comparison of Porosity Evaluation Methods Using the Example of Dissimilar Metal Joints Dmitry Kurushkin
Technological Aspects of Obtaining Functional Gradient Coatings to Protect Machinery from Wear A.N Belyakov
Study of the Method of Obtaining Functional Interest-Metallic Coatings Based on Ni-Ti Reinforced with Wc Nanoparticles A.M. Makarov
Research of the Driven Capacity of Pushers with Rubber Pads for Oil Equipment Anatoly Asheichik
Modeling of the Formation Process of the Coherent Intermetallides in Nickel Alloys during Laser Treatment A.V. Alekseev
Corrosion-Resistant Ceramic Coatings that are Promising for Use in Liquid Metal Environments M.A. Markov
Ionic Seebeck Effect in Alkali Niobophosphate Glasses Viktor A. Markov
Investigation of functional graded steel parts produced by selective laser melting Evgenii Borisov
Prospects for the Use of Computed Tomography for the Control of Integrated Composite Structures O.N. Bezzametnov
Control of Deviations in Lattice Structures Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting Viktoria Sokolova
Evolution of the lattice structures properties manufactured by selective laser melting and subsequent hot isostatic pressing Viktoria Sokolova
Influence of Contact Friction on the Kinematics of Metal Flow during Equal Channel Angular Pressing R.A. Parshikov
Influence of Se on properties of As–S–Se–I glass for immersion mid-ir LEDs lenses Margarita G. Dronova
The effect of severe plastic deformation on the structure and properties of the aluminum alloy system Al-Cu-Mg Olga V. Paitova
Plasma Chemical Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride Nanopowder Artem Eduardovich Kim
Tribotechnical Diagnostics of an Internal Combustion Engine According to the Condition of the Oil Evgeniy K. Ivanov
Selective laser melting of nanocomposite Ti-6Al-4V and TiC powder Evgenii Borisov
Temperature Influence on Microstructure and Properties Evolution of Friction Stir Welded Al-Mg-Si Alloy Anton Naumov
Structure diagnostic of iron-based out-of-peritectic alloys during nonequilibrium crystallization Le Cao Dang
Si Nanopowder Based Anode Material for the Lithium Ion Battery Cell Aleksandr V. Morozov
Investigation of Tribological Characteristics of Polymers Used in Medicine Ekaterina Andriushchenko
Investigation of the Pastes for Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Termination A.V. Dmitrieva
Fusible Glass Based on Glassy Chalcogenide Type Systems Ge-S(Se)Br, Ge-S(Se)I Nikolai I. Krylov
Bi-activated glasses and their potential covering spectral region as active media for tunable near infrared lasers Victor Klinkov
Finite Element Simulation of Temperature Field during Friction Surfacing of Al-5Mg Consumable Rod Fedor Isupov
An Analytical Model for Filler Wire Heating and Melting during Wire Feed Laser Deposition Mukin
Effect of Inter-Layer Dwell Time on Distortion and Residual Stresses of Laser Metal Deposited Wall Sergei Yu. Ivanov
Technological Aspects of Obtaining Functional Coatings Based on Silver by the Method of Cold Gas-Dynamic Spraying A.D. Bykova
The Results of the Defect Formation Control in Welded Joints during Friction Stir Welding by Acoustic Emission Roman Iuferev
Electrochromic Properties of NiO Thin Coatings Anastasia Kondrateva
Investigation of composite materials impact damage by a computer tomography O.N. Bezzametnov
Phosphorus removal options at induction melting of steel Sergey Vladimirovich Ryaboshuk